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Achieve Financial upgraded to a NEW Online & Mobile banking service provider on FEBRUARY 13th.

Below are a few of the new features and enhancements to improve your user experience.

Key Benefits include:

  • More functionality within our Mobile App that aligns with the web version.
  • Built in Budgeting & Savings tools.
  • "Pay Anyone" – The ability to pay any person who has a debit card or a checking account.
  • Finger ID access for the Mobile App.
  • Mobile check deposit integrated into this mobile app (eliminates the need for two Achieve mobile banking apps).
  • Expanded personalization capabilities to customize design (while in online & mobile banking).

New Features on the Mobile App

Quick Login: This feature allows user to login with a mobile device using a 4 digit PIN or a fingerprint instead of your regular online banking password.  Quick Login is only available through the Android and IOS apps.

To enable Touch or Fingerprint ID you must first login from your smartphone using the Achieve Mobile app. Click Settings, then Security Preferences.

Balance Peek: Allows users to view accounts and balances without fully signing into the Mobile App.



First Time Login Steps

As an added layer of security, Online & Mobile Banking Users will be required to establish a NEW password.  You will use your existing Achieve Online Banking Username.

  • Log in to from either a desktop or mobile device.
  • Type in your existing Achieve Online Banking Username.
  • Enter a Temporary Password – follow the steps below:

YOUR TEMPORARY PASSWORD is a combination of the primary accountholder’s information.

  • Enter the birth month and birth date without the preceding zeros.
  • Enter the last four digits of the social security number and the five digit zip code.


DOB Last 4 Digits of SSN Zip Code    Temp Password
01/05 1234 06119  15123406119
11/18 7777 06053      1118777706053


Click here for a printed version of the First time login instructions.

If you experience difficulty please click Forgot Password.
A new temporary code will be sent using your contact information on file.

Confirm Phone Number & Email

Certain functions in the new system will not work as intended if email and mobile numbers are not accurate. Therefore, once you’re into the new online banking system – confirm your email, address and phone numbers - Go into Settings, and then click on the Contacts tab.

Account Alerts

Alerts that were set up in the previous system will NOT be carried over. Therefore new Alerts, now called Notifications, will need to be created.
New Notifications can be set up by going into the Settings tab then clicking on Notifications.

Bill Pay

Existing Bill Pay payees and scheduled payments will be carried over into the new system and past payment history will also be accessible.


Once signed in to the new online banking system, please verify access to your eStatements. This can be done by clicking on Accounts then the Statements tab or through clicking on the eStatements widget.

Mobile App

Members can access the NEW online banking service by either visiting or using our Apple or Android Apps.

  • The iOS app will be a new version, therefore, users simply need to update their apps. Apple devices must be on iOS version 9.0 or higher.
  • The Android app will be a brand new app and must be manually downloaded from Google Play. Users will not be prompted to delete and download a new app. Members can search Google Play for “Achieve Financial Credit Union” or visit our website to access the download link.
  • Devices other than iOS and Android can access the mobile app by logging into:
  • Mobile Check Deposit is now included in the new app. Please remove the old Achieve Mobile Check Deposit App from your device.
  • Mobile App information on new features such as Quick Login, Touch/Fingerprint ID and Balance Peak.

Download the NEW Mobile Banking App Today!

Scheduled Transfers

Scheduled transfers will be carried over to the new system.

Quicken & Quickbook Users

Instructions for deactivating and activating your Achieve accounts in Quicken, Quickbooks and Mint
can be found below.

Quicken - Web Connect 

Quicken - Express Web Connect

Quickbooks- Web Connect

Quickbooks - Express Web Connect

Mint Instructions

How-To Guides for Online & Mobile Banking

Instructions to help you navigate the NEW Online & Mobile Banking System.
Simply click on a heading below.

How to Login for the First Time

How to Download the NEW Mobile App & Access Quick Login and Balance Peek

How to Create and Edit Scheduled Transfers

How to Use Bill Pay

How to Reset a Password

How to Set-Up Account Notifications (Alerts)

How to Update Your Address and Phone Number(s)

How to Use Mobile Check Deposit

How to Use Pay Anyone
         - Pay Anyone Frequently Asked Questions

How to Withdraw a Check

How to Set up External Accounts


Tips to help you navigate problems that may occur. 

Bill Pay

Stop Payments

  • Stop Payments are temporarily unavailable in the new system.  Please contact our Call Center during business hours at 860.828.2790 to place a stop payment.

Supported Desktop Browsers

  • Internet Explorer version 11 and above
  • Microsoft Edge - the two most recent versions
  • Mozilla Firefox - the two most recent versions
  • Google Chrome - the  most recent versions
  • Safari - the two most recent versions

Supported Mobile Browsers

  • Chrome for Android - the two most recent versions
  • Mobile Safari for IOS Devices - the two most recent versions

Transfers From a Home Equity Line of Credit

HELOC Advances are temporarily unavailable in the new system. Please use Call24 Automated Telephone Banking or contact our Call Center during business hours at 860.828.2790 to transfer from a line of credit.

Verification Codes

  • As an added layer of security, a verification code may be delivered through text, voice or email when performing certain actions in Online or Mobile Banking. Examples include resetting your password and updating your contact information.
  • You do not have to remember your verification code because you will get a new code each time you need one.
  • You will need a new verification code every time you sign-in to online or mobile banking unless you have marked "Remember Me" on your device.