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Enjoy the convenience of Direct Deposit right into your Achieve Account.  It’s the quickest way to receive your money on payday.  Funds go directly to your account, making saving money easier and giving you peace of mind.

Get paid up to two days early if available through your employer.*

Direct Deposit of payroll, pension, Social Security, or other recurring checks can be sent to your Achieve Financial Checking Account.

For direct deposit of payroll, check with your employer:
Your employer will need your Achieve Financial Member Account number, including the suffix you wish your paycheck to be deposited to and our routing and transit number 211178006.

What you need to know for Direct Deposit of your Paycheck

Your checking account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your printed check order, including any zeros in the front and should be 10 digits long.

  • Example: Membership number 12345   Suffix 01
  • Correct way to format: 0012345019

Your savings account number should be entered using your membership account number and the appropriate suffix.

  • Example: Membership number 12345    Suffix 00
  • Correct way to format: 1234500

*There is no guarantee that the credit union will be able to post payroll or other direct deposits to a members account early. It depends on the source sending in the funds to the credit union.