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Having a Difficult Time Making Your Loan Payments?

Everyone goes through challenging times, especially in today’s economic environment. As your trusted financial partner, we can help. If you are experiencing a financial hardship that is affecting your ability to make you loan payments, Member Solutions may be able to offer you an alternative solution that can assist you during a difficult period of time.

What is a Financial Hardship?

A financial hardship is the inability to make repayments on loans and debts when they are due. By making late payments or skipping payments due to a hardship it causes the account to become delinquent, which can potentially cause damage to your credit rating. If you are facing financial hardship or anticipating a financial hardship, you are not alone. Acting quickly in the face of financial difficulties will offer more options for finding the best solution. The following reasons account for the majority of late payments nationwide:

  • Job loss / significant reduction in income
  • Disability
  • Divorce
  • Death of wage earner

By contacting Member Solutions at the first signs of trouble, we can discuss your current situation and explore payment options that may work for you. We offer the following to help:

  • Payment arrangements
  • Loan modifications
  • Work-out loans

Please do not allow a temporary financial hardship to possibly impact your credit rating for many years to come. Give us the opportunity to help you during this difficult time and provide guidance to get you back on track. Contact the Member Solutions Department at 860-828-2790 ext. 8930 or fill out the form below and one of our counselors will reach out to you.

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