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If you find yourself needing a break from your Achieve Financial loan payment, free up some extra cash with our Skip-A-Payment program. When you have an Auto or Personal Loan at Achieve, we’ll let you Skip-A-Payment once in a 6-month period, for a small fee.*

Loan Skip-A-Pay Request

Please complete the form below if you would like to skip your Achieve Financial Credit Union loan payment. A Credit Union employee will review your account and process your request.

Check your account via online banking in 24-48 hours to confirm your request was processed.
Please note the following before proceeding:

  • Requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the due date of the loan payment to be skipped.
  • Interest will continue to accrue on the loan during this time.
  • Your loan term will be extended by the number of skipped loan payments.
  • If you have set up scheduled payments through online banking you must cancel those transfers yourself.
  • If you have GAP insurance on a vehicle loan you may owe any skipped payments in the event of a total loss.

After requesting a Skip-A-Payment, you can only qualify for one additional skip.



*Achieve Financial members in good standing have the opportunity to skip one month’s loan payment within a 6 month period. For a nominal processing fee of $25.00, we will advance your next payment due date by one month. The Skip-A-Payment service is being offered on Personal/Unsecured Loans and Auto Loans only. A maximum of two payments may be skipped during the term of an auto loan. Loans secured by real estate, as well as Visa credit cards are not eligible. Other terms and conditions apply.