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With a Certificate account, you'll earn higher dividends than with traditional savings by committing to keep your money on deposit for a set period of time. A wide option of Certificate terms are available, ranging from 6 months to 5 years, to allow you to align with your short or long-term savings goals. Certificates are also a great way to keep you committed to your savings strategy, as there are dividend penalties for breaking your Certificate and withdrawing funds early.

The minimum balance to open a traditional Certificate and earn dividends is $1,000.  Members up to 24 years old can open a Smart Certificate with a minimum of $500. Certificates will automatically renew at the current rate when the original term matures, unless you choose to withdraw the funds or roll them into a different Certificate during the 7-day grace period.

Certificates up to $50,000 can be opened online. To open a Certificate greater than $50,000, please visit the Meriden or New Britain branch.

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Prefer to speak with a representative? We'd love to help you out! Give us a call at 860.828.2790 or schedule an appointment at our Meriden or New Britain branch.

Dividends are compounded and credited monthly to Certificate accounts. Early withdrawal penalty fees may reduce earnings on account.