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Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit and you could get paid up to two days early!*

With Direct Deposit, you can skip the hassle of collecting and depositing a paycheck, and instead electronically receive your pay directly into your Achieve account.  You can set up Direct Deposit for your payroll, pension, Social Security and other recurring payments you receive.

For direct deposit, your employer, or other source sending funds, will need your account number and Achieve's routing number of 211178006.

For direct deposit into your Checking

Your checking account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your printed checks, including any zeros in the front, and should be 10 digits long.

  • Example: Membership number 12345 and account Suffix 01, would be formatted as: 0012345019

For direct deposit into your Savings

Your Savings account number should be entered as your membership number and the appropriate Savings accoutn suffix.

  • Example: Membership number 12345 and account Suffix 00, would be formatted as: 1234500

*If available through your employer. There is no guarantee that the credit union will be able to post payroll or other direct deposits to a members account early. It depends on the source sending in the funds to the credit union.