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Account Takeover Fraud

There are reports of scammers impersonating Fraud Prevention Department personnel. These scams use sophisticated methods combined with social engineering to deceive cardholders into revealing critical information and disregarding legitimate fraud warnings. 

Account takeover fraud occurs when a scammer has obtained sufficient credentials to pose as the cardholder to financial institutions. They can then execute changes to account or card-level settings that assist in the commission of fraud, including demographic changes (phone numbers, emails, passcodes etc.), increased limits, PIN changes, and travel exemptions that suppress normal fraud monitoring.

Stay vigilant. Here’s how it works. Consumers are receiving phone calls claiming to be from a Fraud Prevention Department. They are sent a one-time passcode, asked for their member or account number, and told to provide the code. The caller then instructs the cardholder to reply “No Fraud” to text messages sent by the real Fraud Prevention Department in response to fraudulent transactions.

As a reminder: 

  • You should never be asked for, or provide, your full Social Security number, PIN, or one-time passcode.
  • You should never respond NOT FRAUD in a text to fraud alerts on activity you did not perform, regardless of who instructs you to do so.
  • Consider adding Alert notifications on your Achieve credit and debit cards through the CardControl app.
  • Be aware that fraudsters can have the ability to spoof telephone numbers too.  A phone call or text that may appear to be from Achieve may actually be a scammer trying to gather personal information about your accounts.

If you're suspicious about whether a call or an email from Achieve Financial is genuine, please contact our Member Service Center at 860.828.2790 option 5.