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Spend Smart This Holiday Season

Take advantage of online ordering
With the colder weather now upon us, experts are predicting a resurgence in coronavirus cases. Many stores are encouraging people to shop online and request curbside pick-up.

Start shopping now
According to Business Insider, increased online ordering has shipping providers predicting a backlog this season. This can cause headaches for last minute shoppers. Store inventory is also expected to be lower and stock may run out fast. Many stores are already offering early discounts so take advantage to make sure you get the gifts you want.

Keep gift giving simple and practical
A still unstable economy means tight budgets for most people and more concerns about spending money so keep gifts simple. It’s the thought that counts. Thoughtful, home-made gifts mean more, and are less expensive too. Turn to your talents and interests when searching for creative gift ideas. You could bake cookies, create a photo album full of special memories; or design coupons offering your time for tasks like housecleaning or babysitting.

Combine holiday activities
Just like summer vacation, winter break adds pressure to find safe entertainment options for the family. This calls for multitasking. Look for ways to get the whole family involved in holiday preparations.  Make decorating into a mini holiday party with music. Assign everyone a decorating task and hand out small prizes to all the kids in different categories like “most creative” or “fastest decorator.” 

While the pandemic has changed the way we do many things, we don’t have to let it steal our holiday joy.