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Steps to Prevent Online Fraud and Scams

The pandemic has created a situation where people are spending a lot more time online.
Make sure to take extra security precautions so you don't fall prey to any scams.

• Keep software updated on your smartphone, laptop and tablets.
• Enable firewalls and use an antivirus or anti-malware on your computer.
• Avoid using free Wi-Fi networks in public places.
• Be cautious about the sites you visit and links you follow online.
• Don’t respond to unknown emails or follow unknown links.
• Be aware of and update your privacy settings on social media and online accounts.
• Log out of apps and websites when you are done using them.
• Be cautious of what you share online, and never share your personal or banking information.
• Shred all sensitive documents.
• Create strong passwords and keep them as well as your login credentials in a secure place.