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Financial Reality Fair for Students

On Wednesday, April 4th, Achieve Financial, partnered with Season's Federal Credit Union to host our 9th Annual Financial Reality Fair for local High School Students.

The Fair was a huge success with approximately 30 schools and over 500 students in attendance!

This is a wonderful and eye-opening experience for students.

What is a Financial Reality Fair?  It's a hands-on experience for high school students who choose a career and are then given a starting salary and a random credit score.  Based on their financial situation, students need to make life choices such as renting an apartment, buying furniture, purchasing a car, insurance, food, clothing and other life necessities that are "Required."  There are also "Optional" items that they are tempted to buy such as vacation trips, concerts, big screen TV's, purchasing pets and more.

This year we had over 100 volunteers stationed at booths to assist students with their "purchasing decisions."  Students were tasked to live within their means and balance their budgets.

After visiting all of the required booths and calculating their worksheets, students met with a Financial Counselor to review their finances and receive recommendations and financial advice on such things as understanding credit scores and the importance of savings.

THANK YOU to all of the volunteers! 

We look forward to our 10th Financial Reality Fair in 2019!